"Black Swan" Movie Trailer Review

9/09/2010 Posted by Admin

"Black Swan"

Movie Trailer Review

By our guest blogger, Rob Stammitti

Director Darren Aronofsky was quite a big deal a couple years back with "The Wrestler." He brought Mickey Rourke's career back to life (though that doesn't seem to be lasting too long), brought back a lot of the critical attention he lost with "The Fountain," and has pretty much been given an opportunity to do whatever he wants. It's interesting that he's more recognizable now for "The Wrestler," really quite a stylistic departure for him, than any of his earlier films. Which is what makes "Black Swan" so exciting.

The film, which seems equal parts "Pi" (Aronofsky's brilliant and haunting debut film) and '80s David Cronenberg, follows a ballet dancer played by Natalie Portman. She gets the part of a lifetime as the lead in "Swan Lake," but struggles with her director (Vincent Cassel) and a mysterious understudy (Mila Kunis). The trailer doesn't make entirely clear what causes it, but ultimately these psychological struggles are embodied by an actual physical transformation in Portman's character, and the film looks to go into pretty dark territory.

Those expecting another "Wrestler" will probably be pretty baffled by the whole thing, but from the looks of the trailer, this is very much in line with Aronofsky's sensibilities. Cassel has compared the film to the early horror films of Roman Polanski, as well as the aforementioned Cronenberg, and these are comparisons Aronofsky probably would've garnered years ago if he'd continued making films similar to "Pi," which, despite the glowing reputations of "Requiem for a Dream" and "The Wrestler," is by far his best film.

So, if "Black Swan" follows in his debut's footsteps, this could very well be one of the finest psychological horror films in a long while, and a return to the heavy, bleak stuff that put the director on the map.

The film will be released December 1, 2010, likely with its eye on Oscar contention. The trailer is below. Thoughts?

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