Daily Glimpse 9/29/10: Fifth Avenue: A Thriller

9/29/2010 Posted by Admin

A tease from one of the chapters.  The book is available in all formats at Amazon on October 31, 2010.

He woke at midnight.

The rain had stopped, the sky was clear and moonlight cut into his room from the window opposite his bed.

He looked down the length of his cast to his foot. In the silver light of the moon, the bruises on his toes looked black. He tried moving his toes, couldn't, and tried harder. They remained still.

Eric closed his eyes and prayed to a God he hadn't prayed to in years. He made promises no man could ever be expected to keep and opened his eyes. He tried but still couldn’t move his toes. It was as if they were no longer a part of his body. He wondered if he would ever walk again.

It was at that moment he made his decision. He reached for the phone that was on the table beside him, grimaced from a sudden stab of pain in his left shoulder and punched numbers. A moment passed before a familiar voice answered.

After explaining in detail what had happened, Eric told the man exactly what he wanted from him. There was a silence.

"You're sure?" the man said.

"I'm sure," Eric said.

"And you understand once I've set things into motion, you can't change your mind. We go through channels, many of which are anonymous. This is an irreversible decision on your part. You need to understand that."

"I understand that," Eric said. "That's why I called you."

"Any particular way you want it done?"

"I could care less how it's done, Sal--but I do expect her to suffer before she dies."

"Suffering is additional."

"Then charge me for it."

"We'll be in touch," the man said. "And don't worry, Eric. We'll make her life a living hell."

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