"Fading of the Cries" Movie Trailer Review

9/22/2010 Posted by Admin

"Fading of the Cries"

Movie Trailer Review

By our guest blogger, Jeremy Wilkinson

By the looks of the trailer, the upcoming fantasy/horror movie "Fading of the Cries" will be an interesting mess. First time director Brian Metcalf seems to be going for an epic story that will, in all likelihood, not live up to even his own expectations.

Brad Dourif ("Lord of the Rings") plays an evil wizard seeking a necklace that holds some kind of power from our hapless protagonist Sarah. After a rather verbose threat, the audience is shown the one true highlight of the trailer--the creatures. Though mostly human, the first creatures we see are eyeless with blood dripping from the sockets, with jaws that distend past normal bounds. A couple different types pop up here and there, each one done with competent special effects.

Unfortunately, nearly everything else is uninteresting.  Sarah, being a normal human, needs protection from the dastardly wizard’s nefarious army. Enter the shadowy, black-clad, (apparently) katana-wielding savior in the form of Jacob. Though the katana is, admittedly, a “cool” weapon, it has become oversaturated in our culture, and giving it to the character of Jacob only serves to further degrade any of the mystique the weapon has. There should be a temporary ban on non-samurai using katanas in "serious" movies.

Ill-chosen music only serves to punctuate the trailers clich├ęd tropes, rather than make it all feel epic (which was probably its intent).

Unless new footage is released that counters any of these points, "Fading of the Cries" looks to be a release to skip.

"Fading of the Cries" opens October 10, 2010.  What are your thoughts of the trailer?

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  1. David said...

    Well, I agree with this article in that the film looks very intriguing. I've always been a fan of Brad Dourif and I think it's been too long of a wait for us to see him as the big bad. Playing bit roles in Halloween and The Lord Of The Rings is just unfortunate. Not too mention that Chucky is all voiceover but I may be one of the rare ones that looks forward to a remake.

    I also agree that the sword wielding hero is cool. In fact, the only argument I would make is that I favor a sword over weapons like guns, which have been too often used in movies like Resident Evil. I even found Afterlife to be much more entertaining than the first three, but I felt like I new the ending five minutes into the movie. This looks far more unusual and epic. The biggest issue I will have is rating. If it's PG-13 for some reason that could be a big problem. But, if it's R, than I can't wait.

  2. Richard said...

    David, I'm sorry but Paul Anderson needs to stop making movies and Alice is not that great. The fourth one couldn't save the franchise, not even with "James Cameron's 3D" yuck, I'm so sick of 3D. Alice shouldn't have been the focus either, not if it was properly made from the video game. Jacob looks far more menacing if you look at the poster on uhm. And yah, my man Brad looks wicked cool in this but he's great in everything, ESPECIALLY LOTR!!!

    - Richard

  3. Anonymous said...

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