"The Office" – Season Seven, Episode One: “Nepotism”

9/27/2010 Posted by Admin

"The Office" – Season Seven, Episode One: “Nepotism”

Television Review

By our guest blogger, Megan O'Malley

As “The Office” progresses into its seventh season, I can’t help but wonder what it has in store. The cold opener lip-dub was just the right touch of silliness. I loved the subtle muffled cries of “streamers” and Ryan and Kelly’s exchange over the self promotion of his Wufuph media site. Plus, Michael does magic!

As the characters each recount their summer seasons, they catch the fans up on their imaginary lives and create some potential story lines. Last season was kind of lackluster in terms of plot, so it’s nice to see the writers establishing some longterm stories so early in the season with Erin and Gabe?! Total shocker. Andy tried so hard last season. Dwight owns the office building. Michael hired his nephew and the repercussions of that are amazing. Look out for more Toby/Michael scenes. Considering Michael once compared the HR rep an “evil snail,” I can’t wait.

“Nepotism” brought great potential for the new season of “The Office.” Gabe, the new guy, is finally getting some character development. From what can be seen, he might bring back some of the silly awkwardness that was lost in season six. Even though Pam and Jim’s storyline wasn’t really necessary the overall episode was pretty good. The show may no longer be in its prime, but it’s still a staple on my shows to watch.

Top Three Lines of “Nepotism”

“The Nard Man is my father.” – Andy

“Why does God get to do something I don’t?” – Michael

“Every where I look it's Betty White this and Betty White that; finally a kid who doesn’t talk about Betty White. Of course, I follow him” – Creed, talking about why he follows Michael’s nephew on Twitter

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