Watermelon Bomb to the Head. I Promise--Funniest Video of the Month.

9/10/2010 Posted by Admin

Now this is what I'm talking about.  This is the funniest video I've seen in the past month.  And also the one that made me wince the most.  But I'm sharing it.  Be prepared to cry--and die a little bit inside.

In this preview clip for the new season of "The Amazing Race," Claire finds out the hard way what it's like to get slapped in the face by one of Aretha Franklin's chichis. "I can't feel my face" is what most people say when they try to motorboat Aretha, so they all feel Claire's pain.

And then right after Claire almost gets decapitated by a watermelon, her partner Brook tells her that she needs to keep going.   She actually says this:  "You have to finish."  It doesn't matter that Claire nearly lost her head, she "has to finish."  I've seen cold.  This is Iceland.

What's the big deal?  Check it out below.  Poor Claire.

And thanks, Claire!  I needed the laugh.

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  1. Rabid Fox said...

    Grrr. CBS is blocking the video because I'm Canadian.