Witnesses in Ghana Say a Snake Transformed Into a Human Woman!

9/17/2010 Posted by Admin

STUNNED witnesses in Ghana say a SNAKE escaped death the moment it transformed into a WOMAN!

According to reports, locals in the town of Kumasi gathered outside a church last week when they attempted to kill a large black cobra that was spotted crawling out front.

Adelaide Yeboah, wife of the church’s pastor, said she rushed to the scene when she heard the commotion, “I was at home when I heard people shouting that there was a snake in front of the church,” she told Ghana’s Daily Guide.

But the snake eluded the crowd when it slithered down a sewer.

Undaunted, the crowd poured buckets of scolding hot water down the drain to force it out. And moments later, they couldn’t believe their eyes when a “wretched-looking” woman emerged from the pit instead of the cobra.

“When the people shouted that the snake had turned into a human being, the woman angrily responded, ‘and so what,’”
Yeboah said.

The woman, Abena Agyeiwaa, fueled the extraordinary claims when she began wriggling like a snake. Her body was also noticeably covered in painful burn marks–which convinced witnesses that she was doused by the scorching water when it was dumped down the sewer, Yeboah said.

Yeboah contacted police to take the woman into custody for her protection. The growing crowd of curious and superstitious people were convinced witchcraft was at play.

But after the woman was taken to the police station, the hysteria heightened when a large mob scene formed, prompted by word-of-mouth gossip and sensational radio news reports of a “snake-woman” in police custody.

The large numbers that gathered posed such a threat to her security that reinforcements from a regional station were called in to take the woman to a central police station for her safety.

A spokesperson for the police department told Daily Guide that the woman was not a “snake-woman,” but was a mentally ill serial runaway from another city who is frequently reported missing by her family. He added that it was impossible for a woman to transform into a snake.

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