"The Big Bang Theory": The Hot Troll Deviation

10/08/2010 Posted by Admin

"Big Band Theory": The Hot Troll Deviation

Television Review

By our guest blogger, Sanela Djokovic

You know the episode is going to revolve around Wolowitz when the episode is titled “The Hot Troll Deviation.” Except, of course, Wolowitz isn’t the hot troll referenced.

In the fourth episode of this season’s "The Big Bang Theory." we finally find out why Harold and his ex-girlfriend Bernadette broke up. Harold, who had not consummated his relationship with Bernadette, and who is in constant need of stimulation, had a virtual fling with a hot troll from World of Warcraft.

After seeing Bernadette working at The Cheesecake Factory, and again later that night when he envisioned her in a fantasy that was supposed to star only him and Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff, Harold realizes he wants his girl back.

During a date, Penny helps set up for the former lovebirds.  Harold explains that he felt he had to turn to the troll, because he thought Bernadette didn’t want a sexual relationship. Turns out Bernadette is one of the few people on the planet actually drawn to Harold’s excuse for swagger and his hoochie pants, so they give it another shot—but Bernadette insists that they are starting from scratch and need to take it slow.

While Harold is re-establishing his love life, Sheldon and Raj engage in a war over office space, in which the weapons are a giant desk, a parrot and flammable chemical compounds.

The show's highlight came from the guest appearances by Katee Sackhoff and George Takei, who have no trouble using their science-fiction backgrounds to make us laug.  In fact, they probably got the biggest laughs of the night.

The battle between Sheldon and Raj was also good for some chuckles. Sheldon is once again pushed into unfamiliar territory—the world of pranks.  His threats aren’t so great either: “Well titted.  Stand by for my upcoming tat.”

Up until this very early point in TBBT’s fourth season one question keeps popping up: What’s up with Leonard? It’s cool that they aren’t focusing on him as much as they have in the past, but so far he has been far too much of a supporting character.

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