"Mad Men" – Season 4, Episode 10

10/05/2010 Posted by Admin

"Mad Men" – Season 4, Episode 10

Television Review

By our guest blogger, Gita Gupte

**Spoilers Ensue**

Just when we thought Don Draper’s past had finally died with the last of his lies, a mistake in secretarial work leads to an FBI investigation of Don’s identity. Betty is surprised to find FBI agents at her home, quizzing her about Don’s life. She lies for him, but is caught off guard. When Don finds out about the investigation, he is completely caught off guard – it turns out that while he was in LA, Pete Campbell had come close to closing a deal with North American Aviation that would value $4 million, but could also out Don as a deserter.

As the episode progresses we find out a few things: (1) Don is tired of lying and running, so instead of keeping up the charade, he tells Faye the truth of his past; (2) Pete Campbell is no longer the guy that will do anything he can to get ahead. He gives up the $4 million contract and takes the fall for losing the account to protect Don’s identity; and (3) just when we thought Don was coming around to being a good guy, the last shot of the episode shows him looking at his secretary with hound-eyes. Previews for next week suggest trouble in paradise with Faye.

Meanwhile, the other partners of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce are also struggling with their own secrets. We found out this week that Roger and Joan’s affair has produced a pregnancy, which eventually leads to an abortion. The irony of this situation is when Roger suggests to Joan that they leave their spouses to start a life together, but not a life started in scandal. Joan decides to take care of the situation on her own (and we are not quite sure if she actually does), but she maintains that she has.

While dealing with this, Roger is dealt the blow of finding out that his most important account, and the most important account of the firm, Lucky Strike, is leaving them. Instead of revealing this in the partner meeting when Pete tells of the lose of Northern Aviation, Roger just sits back and gives a thumbs up regarding the account.

Lane Pyrce has been spending his time in New York City wooing a playboy club playmate – who also happens to be African American. When he tries to introduce his father to this woman, his father physically abuses him and literally strong-arms him into returning to England to get his family back together. Lane obliges and subsequently tells his partners at SCDP that he will be taking a leave of absence.

This week was a big reveal for a lot of characters and a good setup for next weeks episode, which promises of a huge controversy that could either bring the entire group closer together--or permanently divide them.

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