"The Office" Season 7, Episode Three -- “Andy Pays” Television Review

10/15/2010 Posted by Admin

"The Office" Season 7, Episode Three -- “Andy Pays”

Television Review

By our guest blogger, Megan O'Malley

The third episode of "The Office" follows the group as they head to Scranton’s amateur theater for Andy’s production of "Sweeney Todd." Even though everyone tries to find excuses to miss it, the whole office ends up going. Along the way, we get singing, dancing, drinking and a whole new level of Office awkwardness.

The episode revolves around Andy’s involvement in the play and gives actor Ed Helms a chance to show off his pipes and his ability to look overjoyed while wearing a sailor suit. Oh, there are slight plot veers but “Andy’s Play” was essentially a showcase for the man himself. I love Andy, from his anger management beginnings to his love of singing--he just makes me grin. That one of his goals was to make Eric like him instead of Gabe was heartfelt and innocent.

While Andy was wooing, the other Dunder Mifflinites were busy gearing up for the show. Jim and Pam are missing their baby, Dwight and Angela are honoring their baby-making contract, and Michael is pouting that his “Law and Order” audition didn’t get him a spot in “Sweeney Todd.” We also learned that Erin has been trying to break into Scranton’s babysitting game and that "Sweeney Todd" was played by Darryl’s plumber. The climax of “Andy’s Play” results in an ever-escalading scene of awkwardness that is hilarious as it is cringe-worthy.

All in all, this episode showed us a real camaraderie between the characters. They enjoy each other’s company, they aren't above sharing a bottle of stolen wine, and they prove that they can all get down with a good Macy Grey sing-a-long.

Top 3 Lines of “Andy’s Play”:

“Fine, I’ll go to your show--but I’m not wearing a cape.” – Dwight

“You think they’d discourage people from bringing balloons?” – Michael at the theater

“All that singing got in the way of some perfectly good murders.” – Dwight

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