Chris Brown's "Yeah 3X": Music Video Review

11/04/2010 Posted by Admin

Chris Brown's "Yeah 3X"

Music Video Review

By our guest blogger, Gabrielle Corrado

While I am by no means Chris Brown’s harshest critic (considering his past indiscretions, I would imagine that title belongs to someone else), I’m not exactly his biggest fan, either. Imagine my surprise, then, when I watched the video for his new single, "Yeah 3X," and I genuinely enjoyed it.

In fact, I absolutely adore the song. After a slew of missteps, including the whiny, overly-remorseful "Crawl" and the too-dark-for-my-liking "Deuces," I think that "Yeah 3X" really showcases Brown’s talents as an entertainer. The song is light-hearted, catchy and perfect for dancing. Furthermore, I think the subject matter is a step in the right direction for Chris. Maybe I’m going out on a limb, but it seems as though the dust from his February 2009 altercation with Rihanna has finally settled and the media have once again started to focus on his music rather than his personal life.

The video for "Yeah 3X" is squeaky-clean without being boring, which is no small feat. It takes place on a neighborhood street jam-packed with kids anxiously awaiting Brown’s arrival. He makes his grand entrance by somersaulting on top of a delivery truck driven by a young admirer, and the acrobatics continue throughout the span of the video. Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Brown can dance--and dance he does. There are a number of impressively choreographed dance sequences throughout the video that are enjoyable because of Brown’s sheer talent. Also, I am majorly impressed by Brown’s wardrobe throughout the video, particularly the salmon-colored blazer ensemble--he seems to have definitely stepped up his style.

Ultimately, I think that the future looks bright for Brown. With his music career back on track and a rumored graffiti collaboration with pop artist Ron English (as reported by the New York Daily News), I really look forward to seeing what Chris Brown has on the horizon.

Check out the video below. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous said...

    i agree he is pretty talented.

    we can move on. lets not pretend other artist have not done crappy criminal things: ahem MJ, Rkelly, Jayz (stabbed someone) and even Eminem with his homophobic lyrics. and the countless others who weren't caught.

    i liked deuces better than this though. btw I love Ron English. I am always pleased when others do too.