GIVEAWAY: "Highlander 2" on Blu-ray!

11/05/2010 Posted by Admin

Week in Rewind is pleased to offer a giveaway of Highlander 2 on Blu-ray!

Own it on Blu-ray Now!  

Thanks to our friends at Lionsgate for this opportunity!

Product description: "Theatrically released in 1991 as Highlander II: The Quickening, this sequel was later reedited and gained a small but loyal following (prompting a spinoff TV series), but at the time of its release critic Roger Ebert called it "the most hilariously incomprehensible movie ... almost awesome in its badness." In other words, you might find some guilty pleasure in this chaotic sequel to 1986's Highlander, in which Christopher Lambert reprises his role as Connor MacLeod, a member of the alien race known as "Immortals," banished to Earth from his home planet Zeist some 500 years ago. In the year 1999, Lambert owns a corporation that has created a shield to protect the Earth following the depletion of the ozone layer. But the shield is seized by an evil cartel, and Virginia Madsen plays a scientist who assists MacLeod in his mission to destroy the cartel. Sean Connery also reprises his role from Highlander as the Scottish Immortal named Ramirez (?!), but by the time he starts engaging in dashing swordplay you may wonder if he's wandered in from another movie altogether."

The contest will end on December 30, 2010.

We are giving away THREE copies.

To win on Facebook:

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  2. Leave a comment on this page that you did so.

To win on Twitter:

  1. Follow us on Twitter. You must remain a follower for the duration of the contest.
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  3. Tweet the following message as often as you wish to your readers. Each Tweet counts as one entry.
Entered the Highlander 2 Blu-ray Contest! Win by following @WeekinRewind and RT. He follows back!

To win if you're not on Twitter:

  1. Sign up for this contest by clicking here and following all of the directions carefully.
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That's it!

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Good luck!


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