Judi Dench & Johnny Depp Get It On

11/06/2010 Posted by Admin

Judi Dench & Johnny Depp Get It On

Movie News

By our guest blogger, Matthew Jussim

One of the most anticipated sequels is adding a bit of class to its cast. According to The Daily Mail, Dame Judi Dench is set to make a cameo in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," the upcoming fourth film in the franchise.

Director Rob Marshall has almost completed shooting on the film, but before wrapping it, he has been able to convince the actress to pop up in the film's opening sequence.

If you're hoping to stay totally fresh going into the new film once it comes out, avert your eyes--spoilers ahead, mates!

The film apparently opens with Captain Jack on trial for piracy in London's Old Bailey before he escapes in a chase sequence through the city’s streets. Dench is to play a noblewoman in a carriage who is "ravished" by Captain Jack as part of his attempted escape.

Dench and Marshall previously worked together on last year's musical adaptation "Nine," while she joins a cast that includes Geoffrey Rush, Penelope Cruz, Ian McShane, Stephen Graham, Richard Griffiths and Keith Richards.

While the anticipation surrounding this film is great, it seems to have taken a back seat to some other franchises over the past year, such as the superhero films "Thor," "Captain America," "Green Lantern" and "The Avengers."

Either way, I think this film has potential to be great. After taking a break for a few years, I am totally ready to see Depp suit up again as Captain Jack. Anyone who doesn’t think he's one of the most memorable characters of the past decade is crazy in my eyes, and Depp's performance is nothing short of genius in how funny it is.

Marshall has surrounded himself with talent on this one, and bringing in Dench will only add to the prestige and anticipation of this film, which is set to anchor down in theaters on May 20, 2011.

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