"Morning Glory" Movie Review (2010)

11/21/2010 Posted by Admin

"Morning Glory"

Movie Review

Directed by Roger Michell, Written by Aline Brosh McKenna, Rated PG-13, 102-minutes.

By our guest blogger, Matthew Schimkowitz

There are not many reasons why "Morning Glory" works as well as it does. It’s not very funny, its plotting is sloppy and it features a performance by 50 Cent with guest MC Diane Keaton. In spite of the film’s many embarrassing faults, "Morning Glory" persists as a breezy comedy about the fast-paced world of a slow-moving morning news show,.  It's engaging enough to keep you giggling while your eyes are rolling.

When a local morning news show fires producer Becky Fuller, she lands a spot on the worst job in news--Daybreak, an all but dead morning program. At Daybreak, the crew’s boredom and host’s arrogance puts Becky’s patience to the test as she must raise the ratings to save the show. Her first plan of attack--and potential misfire--comes when she hires veteran anchor Mike Pomeroy, a pompous evening newscaster sentenced to morning duties due to a contract loophole.

According to Pomeroy, morning news is a waste of time, and in its aversion to hard-hitting journalism, is nothing more than a sugary donut as opposed to the bran-like evening news.

Likewise, "Morning Glory" treats its subject in this manner. Becky’s journey is a clear one--reformat the show into something watchable; convince her legendary anchor it’s worth his time; and save her job. Nothing too complicated and the cast is capable enough to make this somewhat bland story entertaining.

Keaton, Ford and especially McAdams’s redemptive qualities make the film engaging. Keaton’s conceit and Ford’s apathy make great foils for McAdams’s underdog TV producer, creating a relationship combative enough to be funny, and performed sincerely enough to be compelling.

The cast works their magic where they can, but the script’s foibles become too much to handle. Characters frequently come to conclusions without ever having their eureka moment. They present problems, solve them off screen--which unfortunately removes the film's need for any real drama.

It’s a shame--a little humanity might have turned this above-average comedy into a really good one. Although, if you’re in the mood for some light conflict and a few chuckles, you could do worse than "Morning Glory." It for a fine date movie or even just a perfectly entertaining Saturday afternoon time waster.

Grade: B-

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