Five Reasons Why Warner Bros. “Superman” Reboot is Unnecessary

12/16/2010 Posted by Admin

Five Reasons Why Warner Bros. “Superman” Reboot is Unnecessary


By our guest blogger, Joel Crabtree

Haven’t you heard? Reboots are all the rage right now. All the superheroes are doing it. It started with "Batman," a triumphant return after Joel Schumacher schlocked his way through two movies, giving The Dark Knight a bad reputation in Hollywood. Then it was The Hulk’s turn (just a blatant setup for “The Avengers”), and it was not as successful. Then it trickled down to the X-Men (sort of), Spider-man, and there were even rumors of kick-starting “The Fantastic Four.”

When will the madness end? Not until Zack Snyder turns mild-mannered Clark Kent into “300.” A couple of months ago, it was widely reported that Warner Bros. had tapped Snyder to direct the reboot, with the rumored title “Superman: Man of Steel.”

Here are five reasons why “Superman: The Man of Steel” should not go forward:

1. The studio’s choice of Zack Snyder (“300,” “Watchmen”) shows that Warner Bros. is out of touch with Superman’s target fan-boy audience and more in-tune with frat boys. By involving David Goyer in some capacity, they’re only going to keep the fan boys at bay for so long. Make no mistake about it, this is Snyder’s baby. Unfortunately, he can only give audiences bags full of fun-sized eye candy and nothing more.

Considering Snyder’s recent massive box-office flop “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole,” and a potential follow-up disaster in “Sucker Punch” this March, you would think Warner Bros. would reconsider handing over another prized property to Snyder.

2. Warner Bros. already rebooted the character with “Superman Returns” under Brian Singer’s watchful eye in 2006. It was a good movie, and probably the best way to revive The Man of Steel. To reboot it again in 2012 is, in many ways, a slap in the face to Singer’s vision, which was made only four years ago. Either continue on the path created by “Superman Returns” or let the character breathe a little while longer.

3. Speaking of “Superman Returns,” hear me out on this--Brandon Routh is Superman. Not Tom Welling (“Smallville”) and certainly not anybody else. He completely embodies what Superman and, just as importantly, Clark Kent should be. However, for the sake of establishing itself as a “fresh” start for Superman, there is little or no chance Routh will be cast. Matthew Goode (“Watchmen,” “Leap Year”) has been rumored as the front-runner.

4. According to reports, Snyder is looking to turn Superman into a CG-enhanced character while portraying Clark Kent with an actor. Bad move. Superman should be an actor -- and not just any actor, but Brandon Routh. Something worth reiterating.

Creating a CG protagonist, “Man of Steel” would run the risk of contracting “Hulk” syndrome. You know the emptiness you felt when The Hulk -- a lifeless computer-generated green mass -- took the place of Edward Norton’s Bruce Banner? That’s “Hulk” syndrome. If Snyder and Warner Bros. don’t watch out, it might become more notoriously known as “Man of Steel” syndrome.

5. Simply put: Superman was not meant to be updated. He is a classic and timeless character, but also a relic who needs to be handled with care. When you try to bring him to modern times, you end up with mullet Superman, “Steel” (the abomination starring Shaquille O’Neal, not the comic character itself), or that crazy neon lightning suit from 1997. Take note, Warner Bros. There are a lot of mistakes that will turn your flagship DC character into a total embarrassment.

What are your thoughts on the “Superman” reboot: “Superman: Man of Steel”? Below is the trailer for Brian Singer’s 2006 “Superman Returns.”

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