“Jersey Shore’s” JWoww to Dole Out Advice in New Book

12/14/2010 Posted by Admin

“Jersey Shore’s” JWoww to Dole Out Advice in New Book

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By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

The empty-headed buffoons that make up the cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” may not be the first people you would turn to when seeking advice on, well, just about any topic. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, that hasn’t stopped Jenni Farley, aka “JWoww,” from trying her hand as a new self-help guru by writing a book on the subject.

The book, titled “The Rules According to JWoww,” is due in stores this February. It will reveal to readers the “secrets on landing a mint guy, staying fresh to death, and kicking the competition to the curb.”

Hopefully that last part isn’t literal.

We all secretly know that the personalities exhibited by the cast members on “Jersey Shore” are exaggerations--no one could possibly be that ridiculously idiotic, right? Still, given what we know about JWoww, it’s tough to believe that she is the person who is actually writing this book. There must be a ghost writer involved, because even the most stereotypical Jersey housewife would probably get a little annoyed if the entire text was written in Farley’s signature guidette-speak.

It’s hard to imagine that anyone with self-respect would buy this book with serious intentions, but it’ll probably sell a decent number of copies simply because readers will think of it as a joke. The best bet for the publishing house is to promote it as a novelty item, because when it comes to advice, girls have better places to turn. If “The Situation” released an exercise plan for those of us who want to build rock hard abs, we might skim through it at the store for laughs, but we’re more likely to purchase something written by a legitimate personal trainer.

After a successful second season and a string of parodies, from viral videos to “South Park” episodes, it doesn’t seem as though the “Jersey Shore” train shows any signs of stopping. Its stars are branching out into new projects, but let’s hope none of this gets too out of hand. The last thing we need down the road is a remake of “The Godfather” starring The Situation as Michael Corleone.

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