Sam Neill Has Been Sent to "Alcatraz"

12/22/2010 Posted by Admin

Sam Neill Has Been Sent to "Alcatraz"

Television News

By our guest blogger, Nick Hanover

Deadline has confirmed that J.J. Abrams' forthcoming Fox show "Alcatraz" has found its newest inmate in Sam Neill. The veteran actor most known for his role in Jurassic Park will be joining "Lost" alumni Jorge Garcia in the sci-fi drama about a formerly missing group of Alcatraz prisoners and guards who suddenly reappear in the present day. Neill is set to play Emerson Hauser, the head of one of Abrams' trademark shadowy government organizations.

While other details about the show are slim, it sounds like a combination of "Lost" and "Alias," complete with Sarah Jones as the bad-ass, calculating female lead. Neill himself is no stranger to television, as he was previously a co-star on ABC's "Happy Town." When it comes to smart authority figures, Neill is a natural choice with his wise demeanor and calm, collected personality.

Abrams is famous for making stars of newcomers and breathing new life into the careers of veterans so it'll be interesting to see whether "Alcatraz" can find the success "Lost" enjoyed or if it's doomed to mid-season cancellation a la "Undercovers."

Jones at least has one critically acclaimed show behind her in "Sons of Anarchy," but "Alcatraz" is set to be a much higher profile credit for Neill than "Happy Town" was. One trait that gives "Alcatraz" an edge over "Undercovers" is its supernatural element, which has enabled previous Abrams shows like "Lost," "Fringe" and even "Alias" to find success. My money's on the big reveal being that Native Americans are the "Others" this time around and the "missing" prisoners and wardens are in fact Skinwalkers. What? At least it's better than a multi-faith limbo and a big group hug.

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