"Source Code" Movie Trailer Review

12/16/2010 Posted by Admin

"Source Code"

Movie Trailer Review

By our guest blogger, Matthew Schimkowitz

Duncan Jones’ latest sci-fi adventure, "Source Code," turns down the style and turns up the action.

Taking after Christopher Nolan’s "Inception," "Source Code" follows a man through different realities and timelines, as he fights to save one of them. The first trailer, shown in full below, serves as a buffer to this complex tale, offering an action-packed tip of the iceberg that will grow more tempting the more we learn about it.

As the trailer states, “The Source Code is computer program that allows you to inhabit another man’s body during the last eight minutes of his life.” Thus, allowing an investigator to return to the scene of a crime moments before it’s committed.

Capt. Colter Stevens finds himself on a train destined to explode, searching for its bomber before he strikes again. During his investigation, he falls for a woman and attempts to save her, despite the fact that what happens in the Source Code has no bearing on reality.

Duncan Jones’ previous effort, "Moon," surprised audiences with its brains, style and performances. Although "Source Code" seems to sacrifice style for entertainment, Jones hasn’t lost his sci-fi edge. As Gyllenhaal races against real and simulated time, Jones balances the reality and artifice with a sense of mystery and tension, leaving people stumped and provoked, yet altogether engaged in its thrilling action.

With Gyllenhaal as the slightly confused but able investigator and Jeffery Wright as his commanding officer, the film hopes to live up to expectations set by "Moon." The two appear at ease in this convoluted world, which will keep people hooked long after the plot loses them.

"Source Code" releases April 11, 2011. View the trailer below.

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