Wachowskis Update Robin "Hood"

12/09/2010 Posted by Admin

Wachowskis Update Robin "Hood"

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By our guest blogger, Matt Jussim

The rich better watch out, and the needy better put their hands out, because Robin Hood is back. The Wachowskis are set to do a contemporary update of the Robin Hood myth in "Hood" for Warner Bros. Pictures, according to Heat Vision.

Andy and Lana (formerly Larry) Wachowski wrote the script for the film, but like many of their projects, the plot details are shrouded in secrecy. According to reports, the duo are already reaching out to actors, including Will Smith.

Although the plot details are under wraps, this type of project could be perfect for the pair. Their visual style mixed with their affinity for comic book-type art should be a great combination to get the mood and tone of the film just right.

The project follows a popular move in Hollywood these days, taking a well-known classical tale or character and putting a new spin on it. It worked beautifully with "Sherlock Holmes" and it might work for the in-development "Frankenstein," which is on the horizon.

The duo has been working on their Iraqi war movie "CN-9," which is told from the point of view of archeologists piecing together events from the U.S. occupation of Iraq using found footage.  It includes two male soldiers falling in love and a plot to assassinate George W. Bush. While the project has been slow to find financing, the pair have shot some talking-head sequences with Arianna Huffington, Salman Rushdie, Jesse Ventura and Cornel West.

While that project sounds infinitely interesting, I'm glad to see the duo return to a project that should really bring out their talents. I think "The Matrix" was an unbelievable achievement, and although the sequels were mediocre at best, I recently rewatched them and I have to say once I took myself away from all the hype and anticipation that surrounded the films, I see now that they really weren't as bad as I had thought. Not perfect by any respect, but definitely better.

Although the pair flopped with "Speed Racer," I think "Hood" could be one that puts them back on the map.

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