“Beastly” Movie Trailer Review

1/01/2011 Posted by Admin


Movie Trailer Review

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

The classic “Beauty and the Beast” gets a modern (and allegedly “hip”) update with the upcoming “Beastly,” starring Vanessa Hudgens, Danielle Pettyfer and Mary-Kate Olsen. Pettyfer plays the role of an image-obsessed teen whose vicious mocking nature and superficiality is turned against him when a curse is cast by Olsen’s character, transforming him into someone who looks like a cross between a body-modification experiment gone wrong and a Borg from “Star Trek.” Vanessa Hudgens appears in the Belle role (though her character is named “Lindy” in this film).

From what we glean by the trailer, this looks like a teen movie with ambition, but already, it seems like it might be dragged down by its cast. It’s never fair to judge a performance based on a few seconds worth of footage in a trailer, but Hudgens doesn’t seem like she’s going to be all that impressive. The “beautiful girl who possesses an almost inhuman ability to see someone’s inner beauty” may work in a Disney film, but in a movie about young New Yorkers, we expect a little more cynicism. There’s nothing wrong with giving her some flaws, as well.

Mary-Kate Olsen also doesn’t look like she’s turning in her best work, and the casting of this familiar face may prove to be nothing more than a distraction.

There’s also the fact that the trailer beats the audience over the head with the “true beauty is within” theme. It’s a nice moral, but morals seem to be easier to digest when they are slipped gracefully into the movie. If this trailer is any indication, we’re going to get a film that is anything but graceful or, for that matter, subtle.

Modern kids are smarter than that. They know when they’re being targeted and they don’t always respond well to such movies.

But hey, if we need to have more teen movies, at least we’re creeping back towards those with substance. “Beastly” looks nothing like a John Hughes movie, but thankfully, it doesn’t look much like “She’s All That,” either.

“Beastly” will be released on March 18, 2011.

View the trailer below. What are your thoughts?

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  1. CrUz said...

    Loved the trailers of this movie as it shows the very good storyline of beauty and beast. Desperate to watch beastly movie after its release !