Gorillaz "Welcome to the World of Plastic Beach" Music Video Review

1/09/2011 Posted by Admin

Gorillaz "Welcome to the World of Plastic Beach"

Music Video Review

By our guest blogger, Nick Hanover

I don't know exactly what it says about our current era, but one of its biggest pop outfits is a semi-fictional group of animated misfits. Since Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett conceived of Gorillaz about a decade or so back, they've gotten increasingly more successful, with world-spanning tours and chart-topping singles. Somehow, Albarn has topped his main gig in Blur with a Situationist take on the Monkees and we're the better for it.

Weirder still, Gorillaz' current video is for "Welcome to the World of Plastic Beach," an unassuming introduction to their most recent album that has Snoop Dogg dropping like it's cold on the verses, basically just idly walking through the song. Visually, it's a master stroke, the gag of Snoop Dogg in naval dress strangely hilarious and stylish at once. But musically it makes no sense, what with "Welcome" arguably one of Gorillaz' weakest moments, though understandably so given its role as introduction.

But by this point, Albarn and Hewlett don't really seem to care about what does or doesn't hit the charts. The video work for Gorillaz has always been a very large piece of the puzzle, perhaps even more important to the proceedings than the actual music and in the bigger picture "Welcome" fits right in. The video paints Snoop Dogg as an emcee of sorts, aiding listeners in their journey into the weird, wacky world of the group. It's a crucial role, and it helps to remember how Dennis Hopper played it when it was his turn around on Demon Days.

Nonetheless, this is a promo to skip until the inevitable DVD treatment. Lacking the visceral power of "Feel Good Inc" and its phenomenal De La Soul guest spot or the creepiness of "DARE" it's better to think of "Welcome to the Plastic Beach" as a stylish detour, an opportunity to catch your breath before the real fun starts.

View the video below. What are your thoughts?

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