"Hanna" Movie Trailer Review

1/13/2011 Posted by Admin


Movie Trailer Review

By our guest blogger, Jeremy Wilkinson

“Once upon a time,” is how the trailer for “Hanna” begins. Any illusion of a by-the-numbers fairy tale is quickly shattered with the introduction of her father. The reality of this 2011 release is looking to be much better than the illusion. Hanna’s father raised her to be a killer, far, far away in the Arctic Circle. Her training seems to have worked.

During the two-and-a-half-minute preview of what we should expect, we are treated to plenty of brutal action (especially for a PG-13 release) inflicted upon the enemies of the eponymous fourteen-year-old. Comparisons to “Kick Ass’s” Hit Girl cannot be avoided, but Hanna is played seriously, not over-the-top.

Cate Blanchett lends her talent as the appropriately icy Marissa Wiegler, Hanna’s target and main antagonist. The skilled Saoirse Ronan, star of the “Lovely Bones” and “City of Ember,” plays Hanna and this casting choice was well made. It speaks to her acting ability that she won and was nominated for many awards for her role in “The Lovely Bones” despite the fact the film itself was subject to much criticism. Already, it’s clear she should be able to be the kind of protagonist on whose back the film can be carried if necessary.

Most delightful of all comes near the end of the trailer. Not only are we given a vague hint that there is something physiologically different about Hanna, but we are also given similar hints that the morality of her father’s decisions will be explored as the film goes on. Hopefully, it lives up to its promise of deeper meaning and levels to explore.

This trailer does exactly what it should do: sets us up with the premise, shows the tone, and sets us up for things to come. It’s certainly got my attention and I’m going to keep an eye out for any other trailers that may surface. I would strongly recommend you do the same.

View the trailer below. Thoughts?

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