Next Season of “Jersey Shore” to Take Place in Italy

1/26/2011 Posted by Admin

Next Season of “Jersey Shore” to Take Place in Italy

Television News

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

Apparently, MTV truly does not care about how Europeans perceive American culture.

We all knew that the inexplicably popular “Jersey Shore” would get a fourth season, but Deadline is reporting something that no one would have dared anticipate: the cast is heading to Italy. Mhmm.

This is actually a pretty smart plan and was probably hatched by some disgustingly evil executive who knew that to keep people interested in this show, you have to keep everything fresh. How often can we see our, uh, “favorite” guidos and guidettes get trashed and make out on cheap boardwalks? It will be much more interesting to see them get drunk off of homemade wine and make vaguely nonsensical sex jokes about the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

This is a scary concept. I always managed to avoid “Jersey Shore” because I felt that there was no point in following that kind of train wreck. But, honestly, a train wreck of this magnitude might just be strong enough to suck me in, and that’s nothing short of upsetting. I don’t know if I’ll be able to look at myself in the mirror in the morning if I spent the evening prior watching Snooki try to awkwardly seduce a Sicilian peasant.

Although as long as I refrain from purchasing her line of fuzzy slippers and bug-eyed sunglasses, I guess I’ll be OK.

Anyway, I’m sure the folks at MTV will have plenty of culturally insensitive antics to get these people into. And I’m also sure that someone will watch. Unfortunately.

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