Ready to re-enter "The Matrix" -- in 3-D?

1/30/2011 Posted by Admin

Ready to re-enter "The Matrix" -- in 3-D?

Movie News

By our guest blogger, Joel Crabtree

Recently, Ain’t It Cool News reported that Keanu Reeves, while speaking at the London School of Performing Arts, discussed his new movie “Henry’s Law”; “47 Ronin,” a samurai-inspired action movie he’s filming; the possibility of a third “Bill and Ted” installment (excellent!); and, oh yeah, the possibility of reprising his role as Neo for two more Matrix movies in 3-D.

According to the report, Reeves said he had met with Andy and Lana Wachowski (who have, in turn, met with James Cameron to talk about 3-D), and said they have finished a two-picture script treatment returning to the world of “The Matrix.” It also states that Reeves said the Wachowskis are looking to deliver something that has never been seen before and will revolutionize the genre. What that means exactly is left for the imagination, but it certainly sounds ambitious.

Now, you know the way these Internet rumors work. Today’s news is tomorrow’s “where did they pull that one from?” Like nearly every casting rumor leading up to Marvel’s “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “Spider-Man” reboot. It’s possible that all of this will be discredited tomorrow. Who knows.

However, if there is an ounce of truth to these rumors -- and I hope there is -- then it seems likely that the Wachowskis are aiming for some sort of cinematic landmark with “The Matrix 4 and 5.” If there’s one thing that we’ve come to know about the writing-directing duo, it’s that they don’t think small. If they have solicited Cameron’s advice on 3-D technology, then they’re off to a very good start.

With the recent development of ”Hood,” it seems as though Warner still believes the Wachowskis are as bankable as ever, despite the box office flop of “Speed Racer.” There’s little doubt that after “Bound” and “The Matrix” trilogy that audiences will be intrigued by any project the Wachowskis put their names on.

What do you think of the potential of two more “Matrix” movies in 3-D?

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  1. Anonymous said...

    This was proven to be a hoax weeks ago. Keanu was never in London and there was never an interview.

  2. Anonymous said...

    It did feel a bit in the left field considering how the third film ended. But, I can't help but feeling a tad dissapointed as the Matrix would be great a candidate for 3D. So too bad.