Ricky Gervais Won’t Pull Any Punches at Golden Globes

1/13/2011 Posted by Admin

Ricky Gervais Won’t Pull Any Punches at Golden Globes

Television/Awards News

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

After showing no mercy last time he hosted the show, it’s safe to assume that Ricky Gervais didn’t think he’d get another shot at hosting the Golden Globes. However, the comedian and creator of the original incarnation of “The Office” will be overseeing the ceremony once again this Sunday, and it doesn’t sound like he plans to tone down his act, which often involves skewering celebrities who are no strangers to the tabloids.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, in an interview which he taped for “The Ellen Degeneres Sow,” Gervais suggested that people like Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson, who he referred to as “a gift from the comedy god,” will probably be potential targets for his jokes. Both of these stars have been in the spotlight in recent years for their less-than-savory behavior, and anyone who is familiar with Gervais knows that he won’t pass up the opportunity to take aim at them.

As always, he was willing to joke about his own act, saying that he only picks targets who he isn’t afraid of. He says he likes to steer clear of jokes about people like Russell Crowe and Mickey Rourke, but would have no problem going after Betty White.

For a lesser comedian, this kind of humor would be difficult to pull off when the audience in front of you consists of the very people you are making fun of. However, Gervais is one of the most talented men in his line of work, and the reaction he got from audiences at home was enough to bring him back to the Golden Globes this year.

After all, there are more than a few people in Hollywood who could probably benefit from a bruised ego. When you make that kind of money, don’t start crying because some jokes about how you spent it on cocaine.

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