“11-11-11” Movie Trailer Review

2/19/2011 Posted by Admin


Movie Trailer Review

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

It’s tough being a fan of horror movies. While the genre has contributed plenty of films to the canon of “great cinema,” most of the time, scary movies are cheaply made trash that shuffle into the theaters for a few weeks, make a handsome profit, and head out, never to be remembered again.

So, it’s sad to see a trailer like this one. Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman, who has stamped his name on the “Saw” franchise a few times in recent years, “11-11-11” appears to be the kind of supernatural thriller we see far too often; all style, zero substance (and, from the looks of it, poor acting to boot).

Without resorting to handy plot summaries, we can glean from the trailer that the film involves an invasion of Earth by demonic forces on the titular date. The aim of these beings is unclear, and, most likely, uninteresting.

This trailer is upsetting particularly because we know that these kinds of stories do have potential. While its effect may have faded somewhat over the years, “The Exorcist” still stands as one of the great works in the horror genre, and its plot was just as far-fetched as something of this nature. That film succeeded, however, by balancing stylistic flair with grounded realism. By placing the action firmly in our world, the events on screen became disturbingly plausible.

Unfortunately, it looks as though “11-11-11” is yet another horror film which relies on MTV style filmmaking; it will viscerally shock some audiences, but there won’t be any unsettling emotional residue left behind.

And, of course, it will also likely make a profit, thanks to suburban middle-schoolers who want to take their date to a scary movie. Oh well, maybe one day Guillermo del Toro can get “At the Mountains of Madness” off the ground.

The trailer is below. What do you think?

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