Can an Opossum Predict the Oscars?

2/18/2011 Posted by Admin

Can an Opossum Predict the Oscars?

Movie/Awards News

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

Step aside, Roger Ebert. According to /Film, in a desperate and bizarre attempt at gaining some extra awards season publicity, ABC has secured the, uh, “talents” of the famous cross-eyed opossum named Heidi to see if she can successfully predict the outcome of the Oscars.

Ya know, like the time the squid predicted the winners of the Olympics, except perhaps even more ridiculous.

The plan is to include Heidi’s “predictions” as part of the Oscar night pre-show before the actual awards ceremony kicks off. We don’t know the details, but presumably, Heidi will be placed in front of a list of nominees and whichever one she, we don’t know, looks at first (?) will be called the winner.

She’ll probably go for “The King’s Speech.” Sure, being cross-eyed isn’t the same as suffering from a stammer, but she’ll probably relate well to the difficulties faced by the film’s protagonist, right?

Our prediction? This cute little stunt will be laughed off by most viewers. We watch awards night pre-shows to look at beautiful celebrities wearing absurdly expensive outfits while giving painfully uninteresting interviews. Sorry Heidi, but we don’t think your act will fit in.

Though if, by chance, Heidi’s predictions came true, she’d probably be a big deal on Twitter.

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