Charlie Sheen's Lunacy Causes CBS to Put Two and a Half Men on Hiatus

2/25/2011 Posted by Admin

Charlie Sheen's Lunacy Causes CBS to Put Two and a Half Men on Hiatus

Television News

By our guest blogger, Nick Hanover

You probably thought the Charlie Sheen situation couldn't possibly get worse, right? You probably thought his big American coke and porn party with its own sex tape was enough trouble for a normal lifetime or a month in Sheen's version of time, didn't you?

Well, you're wrong.

Because Sheen doesn't know when to quit, he decided to follow his previous batsh!t crazy radio interview up with an even crazier one. Appearing on "The Alex Jones Show," Sheen was completely unfiltered, even by his usually id-centric standards. The AV Club has the best rundown of the interview at the moment and it absolutely must be read and then heard to be believed. The AV Club's Sean O'Neal does an excellent job of editing Sheen's quotes into some kind of logic, tying the thread from Sheen's delusional attack on Alcoholics Anonymous to his unfortunate comparison of himself to Apocalypse Now's infamous Col. Kurtz and I reiterate that it is a must-read.

But the real story is that Sheen's phenomenally misguided attempt to prove his sobriety by giving such a hateful, illogical interview has apparently driven the final nail in the coffin of CBS' efforts to get "Two and a Half Men" back on track. Although CBS had intended to resume production on the show earlier this week, they have now officially stated via press release that they will now be halting production for the remainder of the season. It's probably the best course of action, but one has to wonder what Sheen will do with all this free time now. Perhaps send his "league of assassins" out into the world to take on his legion of enemies?

Oh, wait, this just in, he sent TMZ a letter instead. Damn it, Charlie, why'd you have to go and let us down? Sure, your letter features threats to executives who you vow to use your "fire-breathing fists" on and a promise to see them in "the Octagon," whatever the hell that is. BUT WE WERE PROMISED NINJAS!

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