Eva Green Joins “Dark Shadows”

2/06/2011 Posted by Admin

Eva Green Joins “Dark Shadows”

Movie News

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

Eva Green deserves credit for launching the sexual politics of the James Bond franchise far beyond the nearly misogynistic portrayal of women that the otherwise legendary films suffered from in their early years (although “Quantum of Solace” took an unfortunate step backwards). Unlike earlier Bond girls, Green wasn’t some curvaceous cover model whose sole purpose was to be an object of sexual desire. Green possesses a natural beauty that suggests she’d look better in a painting than on a stripper pole, and her character was the smartest and most capable woman (besides M) that Bond had ever worked with.

Sure, the ultimate treatment of her character lessened the impact of these advances, but still, gotta give her credit.

Basically, we want Green to succeed, and therefore we are happy to say that Deadline reports that she has joined “Dark Shadows,” Tim Burton’s reboot of the 60s supernatural TV series. While few of today’s viewers will be familiar with the show, Burton has a knack for taking pre-existing stories—Batman, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”—and giving them his own personal stamp

Green will likely take on the role of Angelique, a witch with strong supernatural abilities.

It isn’t the most conventional choice for a movie role, but it is a good one for Green. She’s talented, and it would be a shame for her to fall into the kinds of roles that ask her to do little more than be pretty. There are too many of those characters in Hollywood these days, anyway. Let Green carve her own path.

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