Ghostface Killah "2getha Baby" Video Music Review

2/16/2011 Posted by Admin

Ghostface Killah "2getha Baby"

Video Music Review

By our guest blogger, Nick Hanover

Even though the video for "2getha Baby" seems to be mostly about women dressing Ghostface, I can't help but be excited. Why? Well, "2getha Baby" is a pretty great cut from the unfortunately slept-on Apollo Kids, which was an extremely welcome return to form for ol' Ghostface after the bizarrely good but no less odd slow jams album Ghostdini.

By contrast, Apollo Kids is prime Ghostface Killah, full of impenetrable jargon and menacing swagger set to a schizophrenic Yakub beat that channels old school R&B (courtesy of a Huff & Gamble-penned Intruders track) before launching fully into the trademark Wu-Tang sound.

That, of course, means a piercing hook and lo-fi drums, clearing the air completely for Ghostface's flow. The video itself is completely at odds with the track, which has a kind of claustrophobic glory to it, like Ghostface is fighting his way out of hell itself in the vocal booth. I guess skin sells but that still doesn't explain why Ghostface spends the bulk of his time in the clip getting jackets placed on him or why some poor girl appears to be trapped in a shower.

Like latter day Clipse videos, it's almost as if the goal of the video directors is to minimize the cocaine references completely even though absolutely no one who's into these acts is unaware of that aspect of their narrative. The effect winds up being one of severe dissonance, like watching Reservoir Dogs on ABC or listening to a Kidz Bop take on Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. Why Ghostface can't find himself getting "The Wire" treatment or at least landing a director with the balls to tell his street narrative the way it should be is beyond me. It just begs the question: is there a video form of mute? Oh, right, it's called an album, forgot about those things.

View the video below. Thoughts?

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