James Franco Desperate to Take on Every Property in Hollywood, May Join Oz

2/08/2011 Posted by Admin

James Franco Desperate to Take on Every Property in Hollywood, May Join Oz

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By our guest blogger, Nick Hanover

After deciding that adapting one impossible-to-film novel wasn't enough, King Franco looked out across the land and found himself a second. But even that couldn't sate King Franco's hunger and so he found 12 eager Francophiles who would enroll in a class about the Franco, with footage of the Franco taught by the Franco. All of this, of course, was on top of his involvement in the Oscars, a stint on "General Hospital" and the possibility that he's going to turn "Three's Company" into a Broadway musical and feature film. And still...it wasn't enough.

Now the Mighty Franco has his eyes set on Oz.

That's right, the project that Robert Downey Jr. recently said no to so he could play a talking genius dog is now likely to fall into the hands of James Franco, according to the Hollywood Reporter. After Downey left the project, Johnny Depp was pursued but he ultimately rejected director Sam Raimi's advances. And since Franco is in basically everything film that's currently in production anyway, Disney and Raimi figured they may as well call him up.

In all seriousness, though, it's not quite as odd of a fit as it may initially seem. Franco and Raimi already have a history from the Spider-Man franchise, which arguably made Franco the ubiquitous force he is today. And there's no arguing that Franco has real chops as well as a near peerless versatility, as his one-man performance in 127 Hours can attest not to mention his turns in everything from Milk to Pineapple Express. There's no questioning Franco's ambition and if there's one trait the Wizard of Oz has in spades, it's ambition.

Plus, I wouldn't want to speak ill of the man who will soon be our supreme ruler.

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