Kevin Costner to Join "Superman"?

2/23/2011 Posted by Admin

Kevin Costner to Join "Superman"?

Movie News

By our guest blogger, Nick Hanover

Deadline has broken the news that Kevin Costner is now in consideration for a key role in Zack Snyder's "Superman" reboot. The film, which also has Batman head honcho Christopher Nolan producing, just recently landed its lead in British actor Henry Cavill, but otherwise details are sparse about the production. Snyder, who recently adapted Watchmen into a blockbuster film, is just the latest director WB has pinned their hopes on after the disappointment of Bryan Singer's Superman Returns reboot.

The pairing of Nolan and Snyder has the studio rightfully excited for a more realistic, darker take on the iconic character and the screenplay from David S. Goyer, who also penned Batman Begins, will likely echo those characteristics. But that does leave quite a bit of room to speculate on the nature of Costner's part in the film, especially since the veteran actor is most known for playing good guys, making the chances that he'll be cast as one of Superman's villains slim.

Some sites are speculating that Costner will most likely wind up playing the role of Superman's adoptive father Jonathan Kent, since Costner is the right age for the framework of this reboot but given that reasoning, it's just as likely that Costner will play Superman's biological father Jor-El, a role last played by Marlon Brando. Of course, it's always possible that Costner will be playing against type and could be a villain. If that's the case, I'm hoping he goes the green and bald route and winds up as Brainiac.

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