Ryan Gosling In For "Logan's Run" Remake

2/17/2011 Posted by Admin

Ryan Gosling In For "Logan's Run" Remake

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By our guest blogger, Matt Jussim

After earning widespread praise for his performance in "Blue Valentine," actor Ryan Gosling isn't thinking of slowing down one bit.

According to Deadline, Gosling and filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn ("Bronson," "Valhalla Rising") are looking to team-up again for the new adaptation of "Logan's Run" for Warner Bros. Pictures.

William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson penned the original 1967 novel, set in a utopian future where anyone over the age of 21 is euthanized in order to maintain a balance over the consumption of resources.

The story follows Logan 5, a 'Sandman' who serves as an enforcer pursuing those trying to escape as they approach their 21st birthday.  Ultimately, he ends up on the run himself.

The 1976 cult classic starring Michael York raised the age level to 30 and a remake has been in the works for years. Bryan Singer was once developing the new film adaptation and several other filmmakers were linked to the project over the years including Robert Schwenke, James McTeigue, Joseph Kosinski and Carl Erik Rinsch.

Gosling would be a great choice for the leading man role, adding some quality talent to yet another remake. Clearly, he liked working with Refn--the two recently finished working together on the chase thriller "Drive." Though this film has been in production for some time, having Gosling attached signifies they really want to make this project happen.

The studio hopes to start shooting in the fall.

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  1. Susan M. Heim said...

    I've always loved the original movie. I really hope this remake gets made.

  2. Joel C. said...

    You know, I'm excited to see anything Nicolas Winding Refn makes. That Refn and Gosling have formed a creative bond that could go beyond "Drive," is awesome. Very good news, indeed.