Schwarzenegger Says He’s Ready to Act Again

2/14/2011 Posted by Admin

Schwarzenegger Says He’s Ready to Act Again

Movie News

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

: We’ll do our best to refrain from making any obvious “He did say ‘I’ll be back’” jokes in this article.

According to a report from, Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed via Twitter that he plans to return to movies now that his political career is winding down. This is good news for anyone who thinks his tenure as the Terminator was far more culturally significant than his time as California’s governor.

While his career was far more uneven than we like to remember—for every “Predator,” there was a “Jingle All the Way”—Schwarzenegger managed to find a niche role in the world of movies. He never had and never will have the acting skills of James Dean or even John Wayne, but he is similar to them in that he found an iconic type of role that he embodied more skillfully than anyone else. For James Dean it was the tortured teenage rebel. For Arnold it’s the action hero with a funny accent.

Having collaborated with his friend James Cameron since the early years of his acting career, we wonder if the director will have a place for the star in the upcoming “Avatar” sequels.

Either way, the current cinematic climate could be conducive to a successful career revival for the star. While plenty of directors like Paul Greengrass are bringing a docudrama style to action movies, we’ve also been seeing a strain of '80s nostalgia films making their way into multiplexes. One of the few crowd-pleasing moments from “Terminator: Salvation” came when a cyborg with Arnold’s CGI face attacked John Connor. Fans wants to see him on screen again--but hopefully, in better shape than in the above photo.

A new Schwarzenegger action movie? Of course we’d see that. “Predators” was fun, but Adrien Brody is no Arnold. (And Arnold probably won’t show up in any dumb Stella Artois commercials anytime soon.)

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  1. won said...

    Ready to act again? What's he been doing for the last few years?!