Shane Black to Take Over “Iron Man 3”

2/21/2011 Posted by Admin

Shane Black to Take Over “Iron Man 3”

Movie News

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

When word leaked that fanboy favorite Jon Favreau would not be in charge of directing “Iron Man 3,” there was a healthy dose of concern, alarm and studio name-calling expressed by loyal followers of the franchise. With a true artist off the project, most of us were convinced that some talentless hack who only understood action but had no sense of character would take over.

Well, maybe those fears were unfounded. According to Deadline, Favreau’s replacement is none other than Shane Black, who grabbed a decent cult following after directing 2005’s “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” one of several films which helped to give Robert Downey Jr.’s career a new lease on life.

Although there is still no confirmation over whether or not he will write the film—Black is perhaps more well-known for his work as a screenwriter—we wouldn’t be displeased if those duties fell to him, too. Black’s trademark wit and sense of humor are a perfect fit for this franchise.

True, he hasn’t done much work yet to indicate that he can handle the special effects side of things, but to be fair, Jon Favreau was in a similar position when he stepped in as director of the first film. If he needs to be replaced, it seems like Shane Black is as good a choice as any, and a better one than many of us were suspecting.

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