"Tron" Scribes Talk "Once Upon a Time"

2/24/2011 Posted by Admin

"Tron" Scribes Talk "Once Upon a Time"

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By our guest blogger, Matt Jussim

Based on the work they did on "Lost," Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz proved they are one of the most talented science-fiction screenwriting teams out there. They wrote many episodes for the series, including such memorable ones as "Something Nice Back Home," "Every Man for Himself," "Dave," "Fire and Water" and "Greatest Hits," which was one of the most emotional of the series.

They followed up their work on the show with a little film called "Tron: Legacy" and while not all die-hard fans liked the film, I thought it was pretty good considering how high expectations were for the project.

The duo are currently working on a TV series for ABC titled "Once Upon a Time" and they spoke to Vulture in an interview about the show, revealing some interesting details about it.

The part-fantasy story revolves around "A young boy who lives in Storybrooke, Maine, where he's convinced things aren't what they seem, and we also get glimpses of a fairy tale land where familiar evil queens and dwarves with sharply drawn personalities are quite real."

Horowitz said in the interview: "We want to take the iconography that we've always loved and find a new way to look at what makes these fairy-tale characters tick."

Kitsis said that "there will be self-contained stories in each episode. [And] there will be a larger mythology at work. But it's not like if you miss an episode one week, you can't catch up."

Just based on their past work, I would watch the show, but after reading more details about it, the series sounds like it could be something very unique, which often is not seen on network TV. The show begins by jumping between two different world's--the fairytale and the Storybrooke, which sounds very "Lost" influenced, and that's not a bad thing.

While the project is still early in development, it could be a surprise hit for the network.

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