Diane Lane to Star in “Superman” Reboot

3/04/2011 Posted by Admin

Diane Lane to Star in “Superman” Reboot

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By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

After the less-than-stellar reception of “Superman Returns,” the future of the franchise was unclear. Would Bryan Singer get another shot at the property, or was it time to start over from scratch?

Executives went with the latter option, hiring Zack Snyder, the slow-mo king who brought “300” and “Watchmen” to the big screen, to helm a new “Superman” film, with “Batman” savior Christopher Nolan helping to produce the project.

While some may debate Snyder’s merits as a director of substantial drama, it’s safe to say that the franchise is in good hands. At least they didn’t get Brett Ratner to take over.

Fans needing further encouragement should be pleased with the latest bit of casting news. According to Deadline, joining Henry Cavill, who will be stepping into the tights as the Man of Steel, will be Diane Lane, playing the role of Martha Kent, Superman’s adopted mother.

Lane is a lovely woman with enough talent to earn our respect, but her involvement more or less confirms that, to some degree, we are in for another origin story. She’s too young to play Martha Kent if Superman were an adult throughout this picture.

Then again, it’s been decades since we’ve seen this particular origin story on the big screen, so maybe a fresh take on Clark Kent’s upbringing will be interesting to see. Although Christopher Nolan is not writing the project, he contributed to the story, and we know he can do a good job of showing audiences how a hero came to be.

In an age where superhero movies have dominated the box office, it’s a little ironic that the most well-known comic book character of all time has had little noticeable presence on screen these past few years. While there’s no knowing how long this era of comic book films will last, we’re hoping that a good take on the “Superman” franchise gets made before audiences find something new to be interested in. We’ll see how it turns out.

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