“The Hangover Part II” Teaser Trailer Movie Review

3/05/2011 Posted by Admin

“The Hangover Part II”

Teaser Trailer Movie Review

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

In an age where Apatow was the undisputed king of comedy, along came “The Hangover”, a comedy featuring a chubby, scruffy man-child who wasn’t Seth Rogen. We love us some “Knocked Up” and the like, but it wouldn’t be hard to make the case that Todd Philips and his cast beat the reigning comedy champs at their own game with a blend of belly-laugh humor and genuine emotion.

The sequel was inevitable, and this was one of those rare instances in which you’d be hard-pressed to find even the most devoted fanboy claiming that the film was best left alone.

Unfortunately, the first teaser trailer is disappointing, not because it looks like the second film will be bad, but because we really can’t tell what the second film will involve at all. This teaser consisted primarily of critic blurbs letting us know how awesome the first movie was.

Well, yeah, we already knew it was a good movie. Give us something else. This is the first glimpse we’ve got at a long-awaited film, and it’d be good if we could see at least one joke.

That’s not to say we expect this film to fail. With all of the original talent back, odds are it will be just as hilarious as the first one was. Our complaint is simply that, as of now, the trailer hasn’t given us all that much to appreciate.

View the trailer below. Thoughts?

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