Sheenwatch 2011: It's All Part of the Show

3/14/2011 Posted by Admin

Sheenwatch 2011: It's All Part of the Show


By our guest blogger, Nick Hanover

Last week saw everything coming up Sheen, with the actor's $100 million lawsuit against his employers apparently not as much of a stretch as one might think it would be since legal experts are now leaning on the proof that until recently CBS was pretty much fine with Sheen being, well, Sheen. Then the less than stable actor took to his own little Internet show, "Sheen's Korner," to rail against enemies real and imagined before signing off, claiming that would be the last webisode. A lot of folks just assumed what Sheen meant was that he'd be taking his brand of crazy elsewhere and they were right.

According to TMZ, Sheen's planned comedy/beat poetry/stream of consciousness rambling and all around lowbrow lunacy/performance art extravaganza of a tour had sold out in a record 18 minutes after being announced. Which makes Alec Baldwin's advice to Sheen to sober up and beg for his old job back look a little like bad business sense (despite how good the life decision aspect of it is, but, uh, this is Sheen we're talking about here).

It's clear that Sheen is now a full blown media spectacle in a time when that seems to be all America wants. The crazier, more volatile Sheen gets the more the public eats it up and Sheen continues to reside in his own reality. That residence continues to cost him real jobs, such as the Major League 3 project he keeps referring to despite emphatic declarations of unease by execs and outright denials that pretty much everything Sheen says about the project is true.

But that's okay, because Sheen literally has porn to fall back on. Yes, that's right, even if "Two and a Half Men" never recovers from Sheengate, there will at least be the opportunity to see a Sheen-directed porn parody instead.

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