Craig Robinson May Play the Anti-Christ

4/03/2011 Posted by Admin

Craig Robinson May Play the Anti-Christ

Movie News

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

Craig Robinson is always an entertaining performer, whether he’s playing a factory worker on “The Office” or an irritable hitman in “Pineapple Express.” Now, according to Deadline, he may finally be taking on a lead role of his own, playing the Anti-Christ in an upcoming comedy called “Rapturepalooza.”

The film will involve Robinson’s attempts to claim a bride after the apocalypse has killed off half of the world’s population. Unfortunately, the woman he desires is already in a relationship. So, it’s like “Rosemary’s Baby” with a love triangle?

Ok, so it doesn’t exactly sound like your typical comedy movie, but if they get a good script together, maybe the filmmakers can find a way to get some laughs out of this kind of material. Robinson can always be counted on to keep us amused (even in questionable pictures like “Hot Tub Time Machine”), so as long as he’s involved, we won’t judge this movie so quickly.

By delivering reliably funny performances in just about everything he’s appeared in, Craig Robinson has slowly built a reputation as the kind of actor who can take a potentially forgettable role and make it memorable. However, we worry that the role of the Anti-Christ might ask him to go a little too over-the-top. We hope that’s not the case, as he seems to do his best work when he plays relatively normal guys.

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