Sheenwatch 2011: Some Love Me, Some Hate Me

4/08/2011 Posted by Admin

Sheenwatch 2011: Some Love Me, Some Hate Me

Celebrity News

By our guest blogger, Nick Hanover

When Charlie Sheen announced that he would be taking his brand of crazy on the road for all to see, it's safe to assume that not everyone predicted it'd go smoothly. So when the news came in earlier this week that the first stop of the tour didn't end so well, folks weren't exactly surprised. Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour debuted in Detroit, which is definitely the kind of city I personally associate with WINNING. EW's write-up of the festivities has a pretty great moment by moment breakdown that finds fans confessing they really just wanted to see Sheen "jump around like a snake in a chair" and collect over-priced shirts that say things like "F***ing Brilliant."

As if that alone didn't make the rubbernecking aspect of this whole sad situation crystal clear, EW also reports on the audience's evisceration of the lackluster comedian who opened the show, who was said to have been "literally booed off the stage." That scene and the confusing descent into darkness that followed prompted EW's James Hibberd to predict that the Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour had "the makings of a disaster, the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark of celebrity stage acts." That prediction didn't exactly come true (or at least, no one reported on Sheen getting stuck while flying above the crowd, hanging over the audience indefinitely) but EW's story showed that the tour's first date wasn't the runaway success it was initially reported to be, with fans supposedly disappointed by the ramshackle nature of the event and quite a few seats still available.

But the next two dates found Sheen hitting somewhat of a stride, even receiving standing ovations at the start and end of his Cleveland stop according to the Detroit Free Press. The Free Press speculated that part of Sheen's success in Cleveland was due to his history with the city thanks to his part in the Major League films. Which is great and all, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that what will really turn this tour around would be if Sheen got his new BFF Miley Cyrus in on the shenanigans.

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