‘Final Destination 5’ Teaser Movie Trailer Review

5/12/2011 Posted by Admin

‘Final Destination 5’

Teaser Movie Trailer Review

By our guest blogger, Joe Oliveto

Aren’t we done with this franchise yet? While the first “Final Destination” film offered some originality amidst the slasher revival, by now, the formula has worn itself out. Aside from some more unique death scenes, we can’t imagine that the next addition to this franchise will have anything all that exciting to offer.

Then again, if you are interested in the death scenes, then maybe this film will be for you. The teaser begins with a reasonably troubling scenario—no one likes being subject to an uncomfortable medical procedure, and the thought of something going severely wrong in that situation is a fear which plenty of people actually have. If the movie contains more moments like that one, it might be worth it for some viewers.

Still, the first film, while by no means a subtle and nuanced picture, at least evoked a melancholy atmosphere that allowed the picture to linger in the viewer’s mind. Death was something real in that film, and not merely a gimmick. Unfortunately, as this franchise has trudged on, that’s all that it has become, and it doesn’t look as though “Final Destination 5” will change that.

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