Wonder Woman Pilot Gets Rewritten to Feature More..Strangling?

5/03/2011 Posted by Admin

Wonder Woman Pilot Gets Rewritten to Feature More..Strangling?

Television News

By our guest blogger, Nick Hanover

Io9 got its hands on newly rewritten pages from the script for the upcoming "Wonder Woman" pilot and they're, well, interesting. The chief change seems to be an attempt to turn Wonder Woman into more of an action figure and less of a Barbie doll, by which I mean she now does superhero things like lifting guys by their throats rather than just switching careers at a superhuman pace.

At one point, Wonder Woman even runs into some guards creatively named Frick and Frack and tells them "I'm Wonder Woman. How do you think this ends?" before lifting them into the air by their neck and chest respectively. There's also a "hilarious" scene where Wonder Woman, in her Diana Prince identity, is attacked by a road rage prone driver who attempts to rape her before she stops him...by picking him up by his throat. Later, Wonder Woman ups the ante and shoves her thumb into some guy's eye. But only because he tried to touch her throat. Yes, I am completely serious. Unfortunately.

Wonder Woman later visits a young man who was struck down by experimental steroids (don't ask) and promises to pick up at least three men by their throats for him.  Or at least, that's what I assume she means when she swears vengeance on whoever did that to him. He also gets an offer to ride Wonder Woman's jet, which is probably a euphemism. For throat lifting.

The weirdest part, though, has to be the scene where Diana's cat bites William Marston's hand. Who's William Marston, you ask? Oh, he's just Wonder Woman's creator. She's agrees to go on a date with him to make up for the cat bite but things go badly when he states his opinion that Wonder Woman is a fascist. Because that's the kind of thing that comes up on first dates. If this show were really smart, they would have just had Marston reveal that he's really, really into BDSM.

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