The 10 Best Traps In The Saw Movies

10/25/2009 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Gavin Stone.

Whether you love them or you hate the movies, you have to admit that the traps in the "Saw" series are pretty twisted.

Each one is like taking the scenes from “Seven” and upping the ante to the extreme. Always diabolical and always gruesome, you never know if the ‘victim’ will make it out alive. So let’s look back and remember the most fun of all of these traps.

#10 – The Peep Hole – Saw 2
Now, I do not know about you, but I have always been afraid of peep holes. I have this irrational fear that someone on the other side is going to jam a screw driver through it when I look into it. I don’t know about you, but I happen to really like my vision. Seems like this guy would have been better off heeding my fear. Instead, he got a brain full of shrapnel.

#9 – Chomping Headache – Saw 5
Wow. It’s like American Gladiator in Hell. Dude has a bear trap collar on and is staring death in the face. If it were me, I would have found something really hard to let the clamps clasp onto, like a mantle or something, or a giant rock.

I would outsmart the silly fool Jigsaw.

#8 – Wheel Of Misfortune - Saw 6
Round and round we go, who will die, nobody knows! Russian roulette gone horribly, horribly wrong. No one's coming to this guy’s parties anymore, that’s for sure. You have to choose between letting someone die or causing harm to yourself. Sorry folks, I’m too pretty to mangle myself.

#7 – The Popsicle Woman – Saw 3
Imagine you see a woman related to your child’s death strung up in the nude, in a freezer, with water hoses aimed at her. Wait, don’t imagine that. If you are, shame on you. Seek help--you have issues. But really, that has got to be a horrible way to die – to freeze to death and turn into a human popsicle. I mean, you wouldn’t even be a good flavor. Who wants a human tasting popsicle? Gross.

#6 – Taking On For The Kids - Saw 3
Holy crap, this scene was gruesome. Man ripped apart in a classroom by an explosion? Who came up with this idea? Oh, yeah, Jigsaw, or should I say Amada, the not so ready assistant? I don’t think my kid will be attending that school. Ever. I mean, look at what they teach the kids there!

#5 – Swinging Into Death – Saw 5
How excruciating to have to watch as death comes at you? At two miles an hour? Normally you’d be able to run away long before it gets to you, but this guy is strapped down and waiting for the pendulum. He celebrated his 34th and 35th birthday, got married and caught up on his favorite shows long before the sharp edge actually struck. Slow, encroaching deaths are all the fad these days!

#4 – Breathe Deeply - Saw 6
I really enjoyed this trap. Death by breathing. It’s funny, cause you have to breathe to live. Talk about a real hassle. And then the old guy gets crushed. It was kinda one-sided. Who expects an older man--who happens to be a chronic smoker--to be able to hold his breath longer someone maybe half his age?

#3 – Show Us Your Guts – Saw 3
Despite the fact that this was an inescapable trap, what a way to go. Dunk your hand in acid to fetch a key only to see it didn’t work! Oh, the irony. I just hope she didn’t eat before then. Then you would have had undigested food everywhere. I am not picking that up.

#2 – The Collar Of Death – Saw 3
You are a doctor with a collar of shotguns pointing at your face. Worse, you are forced to work on Jigsaw and if he flatlines the shotguns fire off. I don’t know how I would be under that pressure. I would be afraid to sneeze in case it set the guns off. And when those guns went off, well, we all saw what happened. Shall we just chalk it up to a hunting accident?

#1 – The Room – Saw 1
It all comes back to the first and simplest "Saw" movie, the original. Two men trapped in a room with a few clues and a saw. What to do, what to do? There is a saw, so off with your foot? Figure out the clues? Submit to mass hysteria? Survey says? All of the above!! Ding Ding Ding. Saw 1, the original and still the best. Though if you saw "Saw VI," the final death in that movie really deserves this spot, but I won’t ruin anything here.

So, what are your thoughts on this list? Has Gavin nailed it? Let us know in the comments section--or that could be you in one of the photos above....

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  1. SlugBug said...

    How about bobbing for chicken wings?

  2. Admin said...

    Not bad...
    Where would you place it in the list?


  3. Jason M. said...

    GREAT LIST! But then I love lists like these.


  4. Misscrabbypants said...

    I know for many people, myself included the needle pit was pretty gruesome and right up in the top ten. No matter how you try to get out, you are going to be jabbed. *shivers