Jeffrey Wells: One-Question Interview

10/21/2009 Posted by Admin

A new feature at WeekinRewind is "One-Question Interview," which is meant to be an interview with someone I admire in the film industry.

In this case, I went straight to Jeffrey Wells, former editor of the Hollywood Reporter who writes the popular blog Hollywood Ellsewhere, which readers must make a point to visit if they aren't doing so already.

Many likely are, but if you aren't, read it here.

Here's my question for Jeffrey. Sounds simple, but it isn't really: "You choose to write about movies--why is that important to you?"

His response:

Is breathing important? Does anyone ever stop and ask themselves, "Hmmm...why is breathing so vital and necessary? How can I explain it properly?"

I love movies almost as much as I love my two kids, and more than most of the women I know except for one (i.e., a brand-new girlfriend), and even she's not all that secure in that standing. Writing about movies is the only thing that worked out in my life. I wasn't good or diligent enough to write screenplays that sold. I wasn't clever or alpha or reptilian enough to pan out as a good production executive. Being an opinionated smart-ass is simply what worked out.

I routinely see movies as transformative spiritual visitations. Life doesn't give meaning or lend resonance to movies. Movies give meaning to all things in life. It's that simple and that profound, and I'm not going to write 10,000 words on this topic.

And he doesn't have to. It's that punchy, no BS style of writing of his that I love, and a good reason that I visit his blog several times each day.

You can read more about Jeffrey Wells here.

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