“Sherlock Holmes”: Movie Trailer Review

11/19/2009 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Mike Dolan

Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes. There, you are now excited.

After numerous adaptations of the famous detective, one can look at Robert Downey Jr. and say, “Now that guy is Sherlock Holmes.” Throw in Jude Law as Watson and you’ve got quite a pair at the helm of Guy Ritchie’s latest comedic action-adventure.

Downey Jr. and Law look to have developed quite the rapport together. Their quick-witted delivery--a mainstay in almost every Guy Ritchie film--is already right on target. Supporting cast members Rachel McAdams and Mark Strong, little seen in the trailer, have the daunting task of trying to keep up. Let’s hope they are up to the task.

What does Guy Ritchie have in store for the famous detective? It’s been almost a decade since we’ve seen anything special from the promising director. However, “Sherlock Holmes” looks to be right up his alley. It seems he’s captured just the right tone.

There is no doubt, though, that “Sherlock Holmes” will largely be judged on the title character's performance. At this point in his career, it’d be foolish to bet against Downey Jr. With the success of “Iron Man” and his Oscar-nominated performance in “Tropic Thunder,” he has transformed himself into a megastar.

Will “Sherlock Holmes” be a hit? The answer seems to be elementary.

View the new trailer for "Sherlock Holmes" below. Thoughts?

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  1. EllaBmentary said...

    Have you checked out the online game they have made to tie in with the upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie? http://www.221b.sh

    It seems to be official, as both Robert Downey Jnr and Jude Law are featured in the intro.

    Have actors ever been used in this way? Not sure, but it looks pretty cool.

    Anyhoo, just thought you might be interested.