"Blood Creek" Movie Trailer Review

12/22/2009 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Jeremy Wilkinson

After directing “The Lost Boys,” which is as one of the great vampire films, Joel Schumacher forever stained his career with such sub-par fare as “Batman Forever” and the abysmal “Batman and Robin.” Most of his recent films have been received negatively by critics or have been box-office bombs. So, when his name popped up in the trailer for the horror film “Blood Creek,” I was surprised. The film looks to be a competent horror movie and will, hopefully, recapture some of the magic that was in “The Lost Boys.”

In the 1930s, a man travels to a place called Town Creek in search of a stone that has power over life and death. The images presented onscreen are muted during the first part of the narration. It then switches to normal saturation, giving the impression that time has elapsed, probably to the modern day--but it’s not made explicitly clear. A man is shown, clad in black, and he obviously is the movie's villain. He commits acts of violence, killing a horse at one point and bringing it back to life--as a zombie horse, which is awesome. People in the town seem to have become immortal in a sense and they kept the man trapped somewhere. The main conflict seems to stem from their desire to keep the man trapped so he doesn’t interfere with the outside world.

“Blood Creek” looks like it will be a lean, violent horror film. Most of the action takes place near or in one house that, somehow, acts as a ward against the evil man. You don’t get much of a sense of the characters from the trailer, which is too bad. But, it looks as if the movie will be an above-average horror film that might deliver thrills to keep the audience entertained--unless, of course, if Schumacher drops the ball again.

View the Red-Band trailer for "Blood Creek" below.  Thoughts?

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