"The Spy Next Door" Movie Trailer Review

12/22/2009 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Jeremy Wilkinson

Take “The Pacifier,” cast Jackie Chan instead of Vin Diesel, and you have “The Spy Next Door.” Chan stars as the eponymous spy who, for some reason, has been assigned to watch over some children. Despite all of his training, he still finds difficulty in wrangling the children.

The trailer doesn’t give away much else--it tells the audience the premise, then starts in with jokes and fight scenes. It doesn’t need to go into much more detail because the point gets across without needing to delve any further into the plot. This is a family comedy, not a Guillermo del Toro masterpiece. The humorous situation takes precedence over an intricate plot.

Not long after starting to watch the trailer (read: five seconds), it was easy to tell this likely will be a cheesy movie. The narrator proclaims that babysitting is the hardest job Bob Ho has had to do. “Oh, I get it. It’s funny because he has a lot of special training and raising children is mundane compared to his life. Ha ha.” It doesn’t necessarily look awful, but it certainly isn't it original. The aforementioned cheese factor could work in its favor--if that’s something you can enjoy. At best, it will be a fair family comedy that might keep tots entertained. At worst, “The Spy Next Door” simply will be a derivative comedy crippled by mediocrity.

View the trailer for "The Spy Next Door" below.  Thoughts?

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  1. Edward29 said...

    Haven't Hulk Hogan and the Rock already done this movie.