"Sex and the City 2" Movie Trailer Review

12/23/2009 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Eva Medoff

Let’s face it--the first “Sex and the City” movie was horrible. To some, that statement may be sacrilegious, but I believe any true “Sex and the City” fan can recognize that movie for what it was--a monstrous imitation of the real thing, too shiny, too cliché, too vapid and too obvious with its determination for commercial domination. With its transfer to the silver screen, everything suddenly looked like a product placement. Carrie’s love for fashion and for New York became a giant consumer-driven monster, and to top it off, we got to spend the majority of the film wallowing uncomfortably in her all-too-real depression. My only hope for the sequel was that it might take back some of the joy of the show. And now, with the release of the first “Sex and the City 2” trailer, it seems that might be the case.

The first glimpse of “Sex and the City 2” is the definition of “teaser trailer.” It simultaneously tells us nothing about the plot while making us drool in anticipation. Of course, the glare of designer sunglasses and handbags is brighter than ever--but at least Carrie’s attitude seems similarly upbeat.

The trailer opens, wisely, on Jay Z and Alicia Key’s “Empire State of Mind,” complete with aerial shots of Manhattan that could have been ripped from MTV’s “The City.” As the quintessential New York show, “Sex and the City” has basically made that island a brand--and it's not about to stop now. The trailer mostly shows the ladies waltzing about town in designer garb, each one thinner, better-dressed and whiter-toothed than they ever were on the show. Once again, the movie feels like a knock off of the real thing. Like Miranda’s old dowdy suits, the wit has disappeared and been replaced by gift-wrapped one-liners. (Actually, I’m talking about the first movie there. There’s no dialogue in this trailer whatsoever.)

Everyone involved in the production of “Sex and the City 2” has the plot under lock and key. They’re not about to let a pesky thing like a trailer reveal anything now. So we find out it’s been two years since the last film, and that the ladies at one point take a trip to Morocco. That’s all for now--the trailer seems to say--but feast your eyes on the color-coordinated outfits and showy Upper East Side opulence.

Although the trailer, and most likely the film, won’t live up to my expectations, I can’t help but be excited to see the characters again. “Sex and the City” showed women in a whole new light--as independent, powerful, intelligent creatures. What does it say about our culture when those values disappear as soon as “Sex and the City” is marketed to a large, mainstream audience? Nothing good.

View the trailer for "Sex and the City 2" below. Thoughts?

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  1. Richard Kilroy said...

    I feel exactly the same, I don't even feel the choice of music fits the trailer.
    Halfway through the tv show it changed when the audience widened. The girls became more 'likeable' to a bigger female audience and less independant. Carrie became brassier, more whingey and neurotic and the overall tone was a far cry away from the detached chic, carrie-smoking, art-browsing, jazz-background styles of the first two series.
    Looks like the new film is the next logical step in the equation: total drivel. It almost looks like the trailer has been made by David Lachapelle, a total blinged up parody of the series, especially that shot of charlotte in a kitchen surrounded by pink cupcakes and babies. urgh.