“Waiting for Armageddon” Movie Trailer Review

12/23/2009 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Michaela Zanello

Together, directors Kate Davis, David Heilbroner and Franco Sacchi form a trinity of award-winning talent, who have recently joined forces to produce the ticklish documentary, “Waiting for Armageddon.” This intriguing film probes the ethos of 20 million American Evangelicals and the effect that this culture has on American politics and foreign policy in the Middle East.

“Waiting for Armageddon” exerts part of its narrative from the point of view of three American fundamentalist families, who subscribe to the belief that the future of the human race is decreed through Biblical foresight and that Israel and the Jewish populace are integrally involved in Christ’s comeback. These families believe that Israel is the location where the battle of Armageddon will take place, annihilating the Earth and paving the way for Christ to carry out a Garden of Eden do-over.

“Waiting for Armageddon” then trails a Christian Study Tour group on their journey to Israel. The members of the group discuss the way that the Dome of the Rock, one of the holiest sites in Islam, must be destroyed in order for Christ to make his return. It is at this point in the film that the potential for a very volatile association between Evangelical groups, Jews and Muslims becomes apparent.

The trailer for “Waiting for Armageddon” uses interview clips and archival footage in such a way that it creates a sense of foreboding that builds and builds, like a roller coaster inching its way to the top of the slope just before that first terrifying plunge. First, excerpts from the film are shown discussing the “rapture,” an event which will allow Evangelicals to be hoisted into the skies to be at Christ’s side. Next, the trailer emphasizes the potential for real, mass destruction as Armageddon Theology’s addictive interest in war is highlighted. Then, the trailer concludes with the incendiary message that “World War III has started!” This suspense-fostering tactic is very effective at creating a terrific air of intrigue around this film, justly whetting the viewer’s appetite to see more of “Waiting for Armageddon.”

View the trailer for "Waiting for Armageddon" below. Thoughts?

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