"American Idol": Episode Six of Season Nine: Dallas Auditions

1/28/2010 Posted by Admin

By our guest blogger, Catherine Fuentes

Like all of the episodes before it, the Dallas audition episode got off to a weak start. For longtime viewers of "American Idol," the first contestant, Julie Kevilighan, may have been a familiar face. After an abysmal audition in the first season of the show, Julie lives up to her Leo traits by refusing to quit by auditioning again this year. As to be expected, Julie did not improve her singing game in the eight years since, and she gave another bad audition. Although Julie sang several different songs even when the judges instructed her to stop, the only positive part of this audition was seeing how strong a judge Neil Patrick Harris was straight off the bat. In his first contestant of the day, he was first to talk, and didn’t seem timid in voicing a negative opinion.

One of Simon’s favorite auditions was also one of mine. In his package, I found 29-year-old dock worker Lloyd Thomas to be completely lovable and positive-minded. His rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed” was so wonderful and so spot on to the original; the only thing I appreciated more than his singing was how gracious and friendly he was with the judges. I feel that Lloyd Thomas will be in this competition for some time to come.

Dexter Ward was another highly flamboyant and totally over-the-top contestant, walking in way too confident and arrogant. Of course, when someone gives pre-audition interviews expressing how sure he is that the competition will be over as soon as he sings, you know they’re going to flop in a big way. This show has taught me that while the talented people have confidence, they’re a lot more modest. In that same vein was Vanessa Johnson, a brightly costumed, completely optimistic and totally annoying contestant, who Simon told “you’re what my nightmares look and sound like.” As the auditions progress this season, I’ve become increasingly fond of Simon’s insults.

Some other auditions I was particularly impressed by were Erica Rhodes, the former "Barney and Friends" cast member who auditioned while dressed as a dominatrix to show that Barney kids do grow up; Dave Pittman--the contestant who views his Tourette’s syndrome as a blessing as it allows for him to learn about himself--sang Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home To Me” effortlessly; Stephanie Daulong looked like current chart topper Ke$ha, but has serious talent; and Maegan Wright, a sweet, younger girl with a surprisingly beautiful voice who didn’t seem as if she was trying too hard.

I wasn’t impressed by Joe Jonas as a judge, but I wasn’t expecting him to be very good. As a beloved Disney teen idol, I knew Joe wasn’t about to push the envelope or be overly critical: he’s too idolized and worshiped by the teen girl "American Idol" demographic to be anything but cheerful and charismatic. Neil Patrick Harris, on the other hand, was flawless as a judge. He was confident, not afraid to be firm in his saying no or to disagree with Simon. His opinions were thought out, and I’m glad he shared his opinions as openly as he did. Being such a fan of his work on "How I Met Your Mother," I wasn’t sure what to expect from his "American Idol" judging ability, but I was very impressed.

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  1. Adam said...

    I am loving these updates. She is right on it. But can we get to Hollywood week, please? I'm ready to hear some talent.